About Uncle John


Uncle John

For those of you who wonder, yes there is an Uncle John!

He is more than a character, he is a vital part of the Uncle John’s Cider Mill business. Every year, the family tries to make Uncle John work less and less, but have found their efforts useless. John Beck aka “Uncle John” spends his days fixing things, running errands, hauling apples, visiting with customers, sampling new products in the bakery, riding his Harley, and most importantly spending time with his family. “After growing my business for the last 35 years, it gets in your blood, it is hard to walk away.” Other family members involved in the farm include John’s son Mike, daughter-in-law Dede, and son-in-law John.

Uncle John has four children and eight grand children. He and his wife Carolyn still live on the farm.  The photo below shows Uncle John taking an afternoon break with his granddaughters Lauren and Ella to enjoy a fresh apple! unclejohn2