Cider Mill

Cider MIll

Back in the early 1900’s, our Cider Mill was used as a Cattle Barn where we raised cattle, sheep and even draft horses. Today, we have gently converted it to a Cider Press, Donut Shop and sitting area. However, the charm still remains.

“Good fruit makes good juice,” according to Mike Beck, co-owner and cider maker at Uncle John’s. Year after year, Uncle John’s continues to win awards for both their fresh cider, as well as their fermented Hard Apple Cider.

We continue making cider the ol’fashioned way. We do not use preservatives or additives, and do not pasteurize. We use only superior quality fruit and no drops.

In 1999, Uncle John’s was one of the founding members of the Michigan Cider Maker’s Guild. The guild was formed as a “member only” organization to raise the bar on quality cider production. For more information ont he guild, log on to their website at

Our Cider Mill is open in September and October, and you can watch us make fresh cider, enjoy a homemade donut, sink your teeth into a homemade caramel apple, and enjoy a glass of fresh or mulled cider. Cider is generally pressed on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays. Pressing schedule may vary depending on time of season. If you are specifically coming to watch the press, you will want to call ahead for pressing schedule.
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