Fruit Wines


HARVwines-redEST RED - 
This semi-dry red wine was crafted from a variety of grapes, primarily Merlot. It is soft, smooth and lightly sweet. Enjoy with Italian and traditional fare.

When you blend together Chardonnay, Vignoles, Pinot Gris and Riesling, you get a fresh vibrant showcase of these favorite Michigan Grapes. This wine is light, fruity, and full of flavor with a slight hint of oak.

PYMENT - Sorry, sold out for the 2016 season.

This wine is a semi-dry blend of Traminette grapes and local wildflower honey. Fruity, fresh and slightly spicy. Very similar in style to a Riesling or Gewurztraminer.

CYSER - Sorry, sold out for the 2016 season.
We have blended our Apple Wine with Michigan Wildflower Honey. This wine has subtle hints of melon, honey and spice.

By blending six or more varieties of Michigan Tart Cherries, you achieve a bright, full fruit flavored blush wine. Great with pork loin, and is a compliment to marinades and sauces for the grill or crockpot.

CONCORD – limited supplywines-fruit
Reminiscent of your childhood, you can taste all of the elements of fresh concord grapes within a glass of wine. Serve chilled with all of your favorite foods, enjoy with friends and family and let the memories emerge!

To help balance the tartness of cranberries, we actually use the fruit in its concentrated state and blend it with a soft grape wine to bring you a vibrant cranberry wine! This wine combines sweet & tart to bring you a fresh and fruity blush wine.

HARVEST PEACH-  sold out for the 2016 season.
Like a ripe, juicy peach picked from the tree, this carbonated peach wine is fresh, vibrant, and full of flavor. Serve at your next brunch, luncheon, or enjoy with family and friends. It is a must try with BBQ Ribs!

This wine is a sweet blend of grape wine, blended with honey, peaches and a slight amount of spice. If you love our peach wine, you must try this one.

Apple Dessert Wine

APPLE DESSERT WINE- Sorry, sold out for the 2016 season.

Farm fresh fermented Apple Cider blended with our very own Apple Brandy for a perfect balance.