Preschool & Elementary School Tours



We are excited to unveil our New Preschool & Elementary School Tour Program for 2017!
Follow the “Journey of the Apple” with Diane Harte & the farm team.  Our program is designed for younger elementary students and will take students through the different stages of our apples from pollination to pressing.  We have re-designed our program this season and we are sure you will enjoy it.  Listed below is what our program consists of.

Stage One: Get off the bus, use the restroom and board the Uncle John’s Orchard Express for a ride through our fall Garden.  The train is limited to 20 people per run, and takes approximately 5 minutes.  We will ask you to break up your group to make this run smoothly.
Stage Two:

Hop on the wagon where you will spend your time on a ride through the orchard with your tour director.  On this ride, you will learn the many stages of growing apples, processing apples and how our family makes cider.  (This stage will replace our previous “story time” as the education will take place on the wagon.)

Stage Three: This is where you will visit our cider mill and see the cider press in operation.  While in the Cider Mill you will also be able to enjoy a fresh glass of cider and a homemade donut.
Outdoor Fun!  Enjoy bouncing on our jumping pillow and climbing through the straw bale maze. We also have yard games to enjoy and other activities in this area.

Your tour will take approximately 75 minutes.   Lunch space is available, just let us know so we can have space ready.

Available: Tuesdays & Thursdays.  September 26 through October 26.  The morning sessions are designed specifically for Elementary Students.
If you are booking a multi-age or older classroom, we will work with you to book an individual tour at 1 pm or after.

$5/Participant.  20 person minimum or $100.  No charge for teachers
Space is limited to 60 people (including teachers and chaperones) per time slot

You may want to limit your chaperones as they count as participants.  
To run this tour as scheduled, we need to keep our numbers limited.
Students will return to their classroom with their “apple sipper”, an apple to eat and a coupon for a return visit.
As we finalize details, we will post them on this site.


We ask that all payments are made in the form of one check or credit card payment.  
Please allow extra time for arrival.  Restroom time is not built into your tour.  
Your tour will start promptly at your scheduled time.  
If you are late, you will be asked to forfeit the first stop of your trip.
Please dress your students to be outside, in all types of weather and ground conditions.

More Information: To book your time, please email: 
or call 989-224-3686 Mon – Thurs 9-4 for reservations.


DATE 9 AM 10 AM 11 AM 12 PM
Tuesday 9/26/17  available available   available  available
Thursday 9/28/17  available  available  available  available
Tuesday 10/3/17 BOOKED  available available   available
Thursday 10/5/17  available available  available available
Tuesday 10/10/17 available  available  available  available
Thursday 10/12/17  available  available  available  available
Tuesday 10/17/17  available  available  available  available
Thursday 10/19/17  available  available  available  available
Tuesday 10/24/17  available  available   available   available
Thursday 10/26/17   available   available   available   available