WEEKEND GROUPS – Saturdays & Sundays
Granny's PorchDuring September & October, we have built four outdoor, uncovered “Corrals” for groups to reserve. Both areas are 40’x40’ fenced in (split rail fence) areas that are furnished with six picnic tables and one large table where you can put your food, cake, snacks, etc. Both areas are outdoor.  They are located in our activity fieldby our inflatable park, and there is parking very close by.

These areas are available to rent on Saturday’s & Sunday’s only. If you wish to bring additional tables/chairs, you may do so. Just remember, your area is 40’ x 40’.
Available Dates:

Availability is listed below by date.

SATURDAY 10/8/16

     space #1 = RESERVED               space #2 = RESERVED
     space #3 = RESERVED               space #4 = RESERVED  

SUNDAY 10/9/16
     space #1 = RESERVED                 space #2 = RESERVED  
     space #3 = AVAILABLE               space #4 = AVAILABLE

  SATURDAY 10/15/16
     space #1 = RESERVED                 space #2 = RESERVED  
     space #3 = RESERVED                 space #4 = RESERVED

SUNDAY 10/16/16
     space #1 = RESERVED                space #2 = RESERVED
     space #3 = RESERVED                space #4 = AVAILABLE

  SATURDAY 10/22/16
     space #1 = RESERVED               space #2 = RESERVED
     space #3 = RESERVED               space #4 = RESERVED

SUNDAY 10/23/16
     space #1 = RESERVED               space #2 = RESERVED
     space #3 = RESERVED               space #4 = RESERVED

  SATURDAY 10/29/16
     space #1 = RESERVED                 space #2 = AVAILABLE
     space #3 = AVAILABLE                space #4 = AVAILABLE

SUNDAY 10/30/16
     space #1 = RESERVED               space #2 = RESERVED
     space #3 = RESERVED               space #4 = AVAILABLE 

Cost: $100 for the day, (10 am – 6 pm) and this includes your tables, two gallons of cider and two dozen donuts.  Reservations are required. Payment is required to reserve your space.
Host Responsibilities: Party host is required to make all arrangements for food & beverages, provide their own table service as well as cleanup upon departure. If you wish to serve Uncle John’s Cider & Donuts, please let us know 24 hours in advance. We will have it ready for you.  Hosts are free to bring in their own food or caterer, as well as birthday cakes, etc.  Alcohol is prohibited in this space.
Exclusive Offers: We offer a Discounted wristband opportunity with your RESERVATION.
This Includes: Unlimited admission for the day to the inflatable corral & Jumping Pillow, Corn Maze and admission to Uncle John’s Train.
This is an exclusive offer and only available for those renting this space  and are available for $6/each.
There are additional activities available at Uncle John’s that you may purchase tokens for is you wish to do them. Activity tokens as well as Uncle John’s Bucks are available to purchase ahead of time, if you wish to pass out as your guests arrive. Uncle John’s Bucks are sold in $1 increments and work as cash anywhere on the farm.
Cancellation Policy: Refunds will be given for cancellations of 14 days or more. If it is raining the day of your event, we will work with you to reschedule. If it does not work to reschedule, we will refund your rental fee in the form of an Uncle John’s Gift Certificate.
Additional Information or to Book your Party: 888-56-CIDER, local 989-224-3686 or email or