slide_cidermillduskFrom the beginning…

Our founders John and Carolyn Beck purchased the “family farm” from John’s parents in the early 1970′s. Originally run as a wholesale fruit and vegetable farm, the young Becks found it hard to make ends meet in the depressed wholesale market. They had to find an innovative way to keep the farm in operation.  Then it came to them. They needed to make apple cider and donuts. John’s parents were skeptical of the new business plan. Understanding the elder Beck’s concerns, the young entrepreneurs pressed on with the plan and through hard work and faith in their efforts the business began to take off. Help came from many extended family members and friends.

After their initial success, they began adding more and more goodies to offer their customers. Cider and donuts were followed by pies, breads, preserves, honeys and syrups. Weekend entertainers were brought in (late 1970′s) for fall “festival-type” events. Barns were transformed into the Gift Shop, the Snack Barn and even a winery. To this day we try to add something new every year to always be original for our valued customers. Remaining Family Friendly is Uncle John’s number one goal. We want to be the place that you bring your children, grandchildren, even great grandchildren year after year. your business is greatly appreciated and we hope that you enjoy your visit to your farm. Bring your family soon – start your own tradition!

How did Uncle John’s get it’s name?

That one is easy. After the decision was made to convert the barn into a cider mill, many of John & Carolyn’s family members came to help them. All that was heard was “Uncle John, what do you want me to . . . .” and the name was born! Uncle John’s Cider Mill was definitely a fitting name.

So Who Is Uncle John?

Uncle John

He is more than a character, he is a vital part of the Uncle John’s Cider Mill business. Every year, the family tries to make Uncle John work less and less, but have found their efforts useless. John Beck aka “Uncle John” spends his days fixing things, running errands, hauling apples, visiting with customers, sampling new products in the bakery, riding his Harley, and most importantly spending time with his wife and family. “After growing my business for the last 40 years, it gets in your blood, it is hard to walk away.” Other family members involved in the farm include John’s son Mike, daughter-in-law Dede, and son-in-law John, making the 5th generation to farm, the 2nd to run the retail operation and the 1st generation in the Hard Cider Business.

Although, John & Carolyn have “retired”, the farm continues with the same “family first” focus its founders created.  We are very fortunate to have many staff members who return season after season!

slide_fathersonUncle John and son Mike Beck expanding the orchard.