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5k TrailOn Friday October 24, we are honored to host our first ever HIGH SCHOOL CROSS COUNTRY REGIONAL MEET!  We will be hosting all four divisions with the first race starting at 1 p.m.  As a courtesy to to all of the runners, we will be closing our PUMPKIN PATCH as well as our CORN MACE on Friday October 24 only.  Both of these activities will resume on Saturday October 25 at 11 am.  

Since we are closing these two activities, we are offering FREE Wagon Rides, FREE Train rides and FREE Jumping Pillow admission on Friday October 24 (only) from 1-7 pm.  Even though the pumpkin patch is closed, we will have a great selection of Pumpkins available to purchase in front of our Gift Shop.  

Thank you for your understanding and support for our High School runners.