Caramel Apples, Donuts & More

Caramel Apples

To make great Caramel apples, you must first start with great apples! Uncle John’s uses only hand picked Michigan apples to make their caramel apples. Once the apples are washed, they are hand-stuck with sticks, dipped in a sweet and rich caramel and then set to “dry”. Some of the lucky apples are then hand rolled in a pan of salted chopped peanuts. Once all the caramel has set, then the apples are packaged and ready to sell.

*Caramel apples are not available during the summer months due to the humidity and the lack of fresh Michigan Apples. We will begin making caramel apples Labor Day weekend.

Remember: You Can only get Uncle John’s Caramel Apples at Uncle John’s!

ciderdonuts16To make great donuts, you must first start with a great mix! Uncle John’s uses only a special donut mixture that is formulated just for them. All donuts are fried in 100% pure vegetable shortening. After the donuts “ride” through the shortening, they are cooled on a wire “chain” and then placed on trays to finish cooling before they are sold.

Four types of donuts are available:
• Buttermilk
• Cider (seasonal – September & October)
• Cinnamon Sugar
• Pumpkin (seasonal – September & October)
Remember: You Can only get Uncle John’s Donuts at Uncle John’s!
Try our gourmet donuts available only in our PIE BARN!