How Cider is Made

Uncle John’s Cider is 100% natural and is not pasteurized. Uncle John’s complies by all HAACP rules as required by the government. Uncle John’s has had this plan intact since 1997 and has completed several research grants studying alternatives to pasteurization.


First: Only hand picked select Michigan Apples are used.

After the apples are picked, they are soaked in a mild Chlorine Dioxide solution. This solution is very similar to water treatments used in city-water systems for drinking.


After the apples soaked, they are scrubbed and rinsed in fresh water. After this sanitation process is complete, the apples ride up a conveyor belt to the “Hammer Mill” where they are chopped into small pieces.

Once the apples are chopped, they are squeezed by a series of belts which apply constant pressure to the chopped apples. We now have cider!

After the cider is squeezed from the apples, it runs through another filter, which takes out any remaining seeds, or large pectin particles. Once the cider passes this filter, it is immediately collected in a refrigerated stainless steel tank.

While the cider is in the refrigerated tank, it will be lab tested. The cider will remain in this tank for 24 hours before it is bottled.

Cider Guild
Uncle John’s Cider Mill is also a member of the Michigan Cider Maker’s Guild, which was organized in 1999 to set industry standards and regulate the compliance of all cider makers in Michigan. For more information on the Michigan Cider Maker’s Guild, contact: Mike Beck at 989-224-3686 or